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Dog Sitting
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I have always fantasized about being fucked by a dog after reading alot of sex stories on the internet. I have been licked by a dog but I have never been fucked by one. I start to think this must be my chance to get fucked by a dog. So I put my plan into motion, I will get fucked by Buddy if its the last thing I do. My sister calls and says that they are leaving now and that I can come over in a couple hours to walk , Buddy. So I start getting ready for my plan I put on a skirt with no panties and I wear no bra too. I head over to her apartment, I get there and open the door and there is Buddy licking his cock and balls. I really start getting wet between my legs. I hook him up with his leash and head out to walk him. It is dark outside and thats the way I wanted it so no one could see me with , Buddy. We start to walk into the woods and we reach the place where Buddy knocked me down. So I sit on the log and start spreading my legs for Buddy to smell my pussy. He does and he starts to lick my pussy with his huge tongue. Boy does this feel good is what I say to myself. I start to roll over with my ass in the air and Buddy still licks my pussy and ass. I am so hot right now, I just want his huge dog cock in my tight pussy. He starts to get jumpy on me and rough with me. I look back and I could see that his large dick was out and he was getting ready to mount me. Then Buddy starts to climb my back and jabbing his hard cock towards my wet pussy. Just then I feel the tip of Buddy's cock enter my pussy.

His dick is real warm and really huge. He starts to slide is fat cock into my waiting pussy in and out , slow at first. It feels so good, better then I could imagine. He is now filling my pussy with his large dog cock, then he starts to speed up in his thrusts. Faster and faster he begin slamming my tight pussy with his huge dog cock. I can now feel a orgasm coming on. Faster and faster. I start cuming on his dog dick and it feels so good. Deeper and deeper he drives his dog cock into my pussy, it feels like 10" inches in me. I can now feel the knot on his cock hitting the opening of my pussy, it feels like the size of a baseball. Harder and deeper he slams me with his big dog cock. I feel another orgasm coming on again. Just then I start to cum on his dog cock, boy this feels great and my legs start to shake real bad. Just as I started to cum , Buddy slammed his knot into my pussy. His cock was was now lodged into my pussy and was not going to come out until he finished fucking me. Harder Buddy slammed my pussy making me weak in the knees. He fucked me for about 45 minutes and he started to shoot is load in my pussy.

He was cumming in my pussy alot of sperm, I could feel it runnning down my legs. Buddy was done fucking my pussy and he climbed off of me. I tried to stand but my legs were weak at first. I walked him home and put him into the apartment and then I left to go home and clean up after that great fuck. The next day I took the kids to school and then I headed to my sisters to walk the dog. My pussy was real sore from the day before, so I did not think I would be able to fuck Buddy today. I got into the apartment and Buddy knocked me down to try to fuck me again but I had shorts and panties on. His cock was fully out and I got a good look at it, it was huge about 11" inches. I wanted to fuck so bad but I was sore. Poor dog was so horny, so I decided to give him a blow job. I never sucked a dog off before and today was my first time.

I put the tip in my mouth and started to suck Buudy's huge cock. I got Buddy to lay dowm on his side. I wrapped my hands around his thick dog cock jerking and sucking his dick. He seemed to like it I sucked him for a good 15 minutes, just then Buddy shot his load in my mouth, I gagged from all the sperm. I cleaned up and I took him for his walk and then I locked him up for the day. I drove home and I got a long hot bath, thinking about fucking Buddy again. I had to work tonite and I wanted to get fuck again by Buddy's dog cock. So I called out with out anyone knowing I did. So I went to K-Mart and bought some nice nitegown and stocking to dress up for my new lover. I got dressed for work and left but I turned at the corner heading towards my sisters apartment. I got to her apartment and got him ready for his walk and we did do that.

I got back with the dog and I started to undress for him, he just looked at me. So I walked to my sisters room and climbed onto the bed in a doggy style position for Buddy. Buddy started to lick my pussy and ass it felt so good. Then he mounted me again and started to fuck me with that huge dog cock. He fucked me for what seemed a hour and I came about 4 times with that fuck. I finished fucking him and took a nap. I awoke about 2 hours later and Buddy was standing there with his tail wagging. It looked like he wanted to fuck again so I rolled over and let him have his wish. He fucked me again for so long and so good I was falling in love with this dog and his huge dog cock.