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One Stormy Night
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My name is Frank, I’m 45 and of average build.  Just over a year ago my wife was killed in a car accident – it was the other drivers fault and as a result I received quite a lot of compensation as well as a big cheque from her life insurance.  I was not mega rich but it meant I could give up work and just do what I fancied.  I had been promising myself a trip round the country – just hitting the road without a map and seeing where I ended up.  And I was finally doing it, I’d been on the road for one week and really enjoying myself.

It was a Sunday night and I’d been driving for a few hours.  I had decided that I would check in to the next motel I found.  I was a real bad night, quite cold out and the rain was so heavy you could hardly see.  I was heading along an unlit stretch of road when I saw a shape at the side of the road.  As I got nearer I could see the shape was a person, no, it was two, one slightly smaller than the other.  As I got closer they stuck out their thumbs trying to hitch a lift.  Not much frightens me but there were two of them so I slowed down but kept on past them.  As I passed them I looked at them and I realized they were nothing more than a couple of kids.  I slowed to a stop a few yards ahead of them and pulled into the side of the road.  They must have been as wary as me but they came up to the passenger side of the car and I wound down the window.  The taller one of the two lent in the window, I could hardly see them for the large hood, on their coat, which covered most of their face.

“Where you headed?” I asked

“Nowhere special, just anywhere really.” came a soft voice.  “Me and my sister would sure appreciate a lift as far as you can take us, mister.”

“Well I was only going as far as the next motel but you’re welcome to ride that far.” I replied.

They didn’t need to be asked twice.

Two very wet, very dirty young people climbed into my car.  The sister in the back, and what I took to be her brother in the front.  As we drove along we chatted some and I found out that their parents had died a few years back and since then they had been in a foster home.  The family they stayed with had only been interested in the money they got for having them.  They had had to sleep in an outdoor barn with very little food, every time the local inspector came round the family would show them a room in the house and say that the kids were out playing.  This had gone on for over a year before they decided to run away and that is how I’d found them.

After about half an hour of driving I found a motel.  They got out of the car and thanked me for the lift.

I checked in and went to my room, as I was going in I looked out over the parking lot and the two of them were still at the side of the road.  I hadn’t seen another car on the road all night and it was still raining real heavy.  Once inside the room I unpacked a few things from my bag, toothpaste, soap etc.  I was going to fix myself a drink, vodka and coke was my favourite but I needed ice.  I grabbed a bucket and headed down to the ice machine.  When I came back the two of them were still there, holding each other against the cold and rain.  Well what would you do?  I called over to them but they must not have heard, so I quickly put the ice in my room, grabbed a coat and dashed over to them.

“Hey, why don’t you two come and dry off in my room?  You can grab a lift when the weather clears.”

“Are you sure, mister?  We don’t want to be no trouble.”

“It’ll be no trouble at all.  And I’ll bet you’re hungry?  I have some deli rolls in the room, if you like?”  I think I saw two smiles, but it was hard to tell under all the dirt.

We got into the room and they took off their wet coats.  They were dressed alike underneath – short cropped hair loose t shirts and dirty jeans.  They both sat down and ate the rolls like starving animals.

“How’s about you two get cleaned up and then you can grab some sleep if you want.  After all there are two beds and I can’t use them both.”  I joke with them.

“You don’t mind?” asked the taller one.

“Of course I don’t mind.  Why don’t you let your sister go first and then you can grab one after her?”

“Oh it’s okay, we can share.” Came the reply.

“Share?  Are you sure?”

“Of course, don’t sisters always share baths?”

Sisters?  My god, the one I thought was a boy was in fact a girl.  I was alone in a motel room with two girls, who were about to take a bath together.  I had no idea how old they were but I guess I could be arrested for what I was thinking.  “Okay then, you go ahead and if you need anything just shout.”

“Thanks.  But can we ask you a favour?  When we used to get bathed at the foster home they used to lock us in and make us use cold water.  Can we please use hot water and leave the door open here?”

“Of course you can.  Use as much hot water as you want and I think I have some bubble bath somewhere – go start running the water and I’ll bring it in”

They both skipped into the bathroom and I could hear the water running.  I soon found my bubble bath and walked straight into the bathroom.  The bath was filling up and they had started to undress.  I looked at the two figures before me dressed in matching dirty white pants and bras.  They obviously had not been fed much for they both had underdeveloped bodies, slim hips and small breasts.  In fact the youngest one had virtually no breasts at all, I think she wore a bra because she had nothing else.  I wanted to ask how old they were but was scarred of the answer I might get.

“Here’s the bubble bath” I said handing it over.

The oldest one poured some under the running water and bent over the bath to mix it in.  As she bent over I could not help but stare at her ass as her pants rode up the crack of her ass revealing two perfectly round cheeks.  My dick was starting to move.  She stayed like that for a good few minutes and as she swirled the water her ass moved seductively in front of my eyes.  My dick was starting to get bigger. 

Whilst this was going on the younger one chirped up “Can I get in yet?”

I was surprised as this was the first time she had spoken.  “Okay, I’ll leave you to it.” I said and went into the other room, remembering to leave the door open.

I was desperate to see more of these two angels but didn’t want to scare them.  By the time I found a position where I could see into the bathroom without being seen they had both got into the bath and I’d seen nothing.

After about five minutes and lots of giggling from the bathroom I asked them if everything was okay.

“Yes” was the reply, “but we don’t have any soap”

I had forgotten to leave the soap in the bathroom, “I’ll pass you some in.”

I realised that for them to get the soap one of them would have to come to the door or I would have to go in.  “Is it okay if I come in?” I asked.

“Sure, we don’t mind” they both replied.

As I walked in I was greeted by a wonderful sight.  It was a large corner bath with two levels, they were both in the lower part with bubbles up to their chins.  “Here’s your soap” I said passing it to an outstretched had.

“Thanks” they said.  Then they nearly took my breath away.  “Do you need a bath too?”

“I can get one later,” I replied.

“You can get in with us if you want, there’s lots of room”

“But I’m a man and you’re both girls” I forced out, because in my mind I loved the thought of it.

“We don’t mind.  In the foster home we often had to bath with a boy that lived with us.  Our foster family didn’t want to waste the water.  So we know what boys look like.”

“Well, if I do you have to promise me that it will be our secret, because if people found out I could be in big trouble.”

“Okay we promise”

Here I was, a grown man about to get in a bath with two girls, my dick was moving again.  As I started to undress there were two pairs of eyes studying my every move.  As I slipped my jeans down I turned my back to them and pulled down my pants.  My dick was already semi-hard at the thought of all this.  I turned round to face them and their eyes grew wider at the sight of my cock and the state it was in.  The youngest one leaned into her sister and whispered something in her ear.  And her sister replied “well they do get that big when men get older”.

I climbed into the bath in between the two of them.  I had the oldest one behind me and the youngest pushed up between my legs with her young ass pressed against my cock.  Then she asked if I would wash her. When I said okay she stood up.  AT first her sweet young ass was in my face then she turned round.  At first I was staring right at her smooth young pussy then I looked up at her almost flat chest with only the nipples causing ant contour.  I grabbed the soap and stood up. I started at her neck, rubbing the soap all over.  I worked my way down, covering her in soap until I reached her budding nipples.  I looked at her face and all she did was smile, so I started to rub over her nipples with the palms of my hands.  As I did this two things happened, firstly she purred softly as her nipples grew by over an inch and secondly my cock grew by a lot more than an inch.  I carried on rubbing her nipples with one hand and moved the second slowly over her belly and down to her pussy.  Gently rubbing my hand between her legs, which she opened more for me.  I slid my soapy fingers back and forward from her young clit to her ass hole and back.  I could feel the extra weight as she pushed down on my hand.  The more I rubbed the more her pussy opened to me until one of my fingers lipped inside her.  She let out a small gasp and then a groan.  By now my cock was harder than it had ever been.

“Will you do me too?” came a voice from behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to see the older sister standing behind me.  Her breasts were slightly larger, but still on the small side, and she had tufts of hair on her pussy.  She was feeling her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other.  I turned to her and placed my hand on one of her breasts and rolled the nipple between my thumb and finger.  She closed her eyes and rubbed her pussy even faster.  I slipped my other hand round her to her ass and started to run my finger up and down the crack, searching out her ass hole.  There was no stopping me now, I didn’t care what might happen.  My finger found it’s goal, her little brown flower was there beneath my probing finger.  I pushed it against her hole and the mixture of soap and her pussy juice made her ass hole slippery enough for my finger to gain entry.  It slid in up to my second knuckle.  I could feel her fingers, inside her pussy push against my finger in her ass.  Just when I thought it could get no better I felt a small body press against my back and a slender hand wrap around my cock.  As I fingered her sisters ass hole the younger one of the two proceeded to pump my cock like a pro.  Seeing what was happening, the older one slipped off my fingers and got down on her knees in front of me.  As her sister continued to pump on it she slipped my cock into her mouth and gave me a blow job from heaven.  Her tongue wrapped round the head and worked its way up and down my shaft, her sister moved her hand to cup my balls and then I felt her other hand start to probe my ass hole.  Oh god yes.  She was pushing her small fingers into my ass.  I couldn’t hold on any longer and shot load after load down the throat of the older sister.

I almost collapsed but they had other ideas.  Still holding my cock they lead me out of the bath and started to dry me and themselves.  “Now we want you to fuck us both” said the younger one.

“But I’ll be breaking the law” I managed to say.

“Oh no you won’t,” she said, “I’m 17 and my sister is 18.  We just look young because we never got much to eat.”

Well I picked them both up and almost ran to the bed…